The Golden Globes and Critics Choice faceoff adds off-screen drama to awards season

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Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler talk  onstage during the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards successful  2014.

(CNN)If an awards amusement happened and cipher could ticker it, would it marque a sound? The Golden Globes look determined to find out.

After a scandal-plagued twelvemonth that forced the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to denote an overhaul of its rank ranks and prompted NBC to driblet the yearly telecast, the enactment has opted to forge up with its awards contempt the deficiency of a TV showcase. But that has spurred acrimony and disorder with different presentation, the Critics Choice Awards, which moved into the Globes' Jan. 9 slot and volition beryllium televised connected the CW and TBS, which, similar CNN, is simply a portion of WarnerMedia.

The HFPA has cited continuity arsenic a crushed for proceeding with its awards, unveiling its nominations Monday, on with a elaborate breakdown of each the reforms that person been implemented. Those changes see seeking to adhd greater diverseness to its rank and addressing perceived ethical lapses involving immoderate members, aft the Los Angeles Times' extensive reporting astir the radical earlier this year.

    Those changes, presumably, could get the amusement backmost connected NBC -- which announced its determination not to televise the Globes successful May -- successful 2023.

      In the interim, though, determination volition beryllium 2 grant shows connected Jan. 9, 1 (the Globes) with the historically higher profile, the different (Critics Choice) with the payment of airing connected TV.

      When the HFPA announced its plans successful October, Critics Choice CEO Joey Berlin called the move "petty and vindictive" arsenic good arsenic "an insult to the industry."

      The competing script has seemingly befuddled Hollywood and those charged with seeking immoderate advantages they tin successful an awards contention that, fueled by the pandemic, has muddied the outlook for contenders.

      Beyond that, the steep diminution for award-show ratings done 2021 has invited questions astir the grade to which immoderate of this matters. The wide malaise culminated with a drop of astir 60% for the Oscars, offering crushed to wonderment whether the customary hoopla surrounding "awards season" is inactive worthy each the fuss.

      Studios, networks, streaming services and their selling apparatus surely deliberation so, which explains a Business Insider story that recovered portion Hollywood has collectively sought to region itself from the HFPA until existent reforms are enacted, immoderate person softly courted information from the group. It wouldn't beryllium the archetypal clip that Oscar campaigning has strayed into grey areas.

      As for this year's nominees, streaming services similar Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV+ person mounted their ain propulsion for attraction by supporting smaller-boned movies that person struggled astatine the container office. While those services don't stock elaborate information astir who's watching them connected TV, the prestige and publicity associated with nominations is seemingly viewed arsenic compensation capable for their subscription-driven concern models.

        Founded successful the 1990s, the Critics Choice Awards don't stock the Globes' agelong history. The radical consists of astir 500 radio, online and broadcast journalists.

        Despite the feuding implicit their shared date, the 2 groups overwhelmingly agreed connected their choices, overlapping successful 9 of the 10 slots for champion picture, which the Globes divided betwixt play and philharmonic oregon comedy. The lone departure was manager Guillermo del Toro's "Nightmare Alley," which was included by Critics Choice members, portion the Globes went with the upcoming philharmonic "Cyrano," starring "Game of Thrones'" Peter Dinklage.

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