Titmus parents speak out after coach goes nuts

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The parents of Ariarne Titmus person defended her coach, Dean Boxall, aft his chaotic golden medal solemnisation astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

Boxall's reaction aft Titmus beat American fable Katie Ledecky to golden successful the 400m freestyle has gone viral, with the manager yelling, screaming and gesturing successful astonishing fashion.

It became instantly iconic crossed Australia but was not arsenic good received successful America, with claims that Boxall was overly assertive and overshadowing his swimmer's triumphant moment; among different much superior speculation.


Titmus' mother, Robyn, said that she "loved" Boxall.

Dean Boxall and Ariarne Titmus astatine the Tokyo Olympics. (Getty)

"Dean's a precise genuinely passionate, committed guy," Mrs Titmus told Nine's TODAY connected Tuesday.

"He's an ex-swimmer himself and helium loves everyone successful the squad. He dedicates his clip crossed each of his swimmers. His wife, Andrea, 2 boys, they've sacrificed a batch portion he's been distant travelling. There's truthful overmuch down this and an hold of radical that contribute.

"He had a plan, the 2 of them sat down, they talked astir it. We emotion him to bits, we emotion his family. And determination is that transportation determination and it's unconditional."

In 2019, Boxall was accused of moving a militaristic, triumph astatine each costs aquatics programme astatine the St Peters Western nine successful Brisbane. Boxall has not responded to those claims, which included allegations of fat-shaming and bullying, but they person been denied by the club.

Ariarne Titmus, who had conscionable beaten Ledecky to the 400m freestyle satellite rubric erstwhile the allegations were aired, powerfully defended her coach.

"Thank you to my ace manager Dean Boxall, my rock!" Titmus wrote connected Instagram.

"You not lone make the champion swimming programme that enables maine to contention the world's champion athletes with confidence, but you usher and manager maine successful a mode that mentally prepared maine for the pressures of representing our country.

"I locomotion into grooming each time with a grin owed to the unity and situation you person created wrong our swimming club. Let's support moving hard arsenic we hole for the eventual adjacent twelvemonth (the Tokyo Olympics, aboriginal postponed to 2021)."

Robyn Titmus said that determination was a genuine enslaved betwixt Boxall and her champion daughter, who was determined to triumph Olympic golden for her coach.

Ariarne Titmus competes successful the Women's 400m Freestyle Final, en way to gold. (Getty)

"'I cognize the acquisition if large but astatine the extremity of the day, I'm present to bash a occupation and to bash it for my manager arsenic good arsenic myself'," Titmus said of the Olympics, according to her mother, who was rapt to spot Ariarne and Boxall bask the spoils of their hard work.

"That was precise special, for the 2 of them to clasp aft the contention and peculiarly with the ceremony," Robyn Titmus said.

"I cognize Dean was precise emotional, she (Ariarne) said, 'I truly couldn't look astatine him, I had to support it together'. So it was fantastic to spot it travel disconnected for them both."

Boxall told reporters astatine the excavation of his celebration: "I deliberation I went extracurricular my body. I conscionable mislaid it.

"She's beauteous grounded. You tin spot - I deliberation I was much affectional than her. She was fundamentally saying, 'You request to settee down'."

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