Tokyo Olympics go for the gold despite controversy

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(CNN)The Summer Olympics utilized to beryllium destination viewing.

But with a worldwide pandemic (yes, that is inactive happening), athletes investigating affirmative for Covid-19 and a instrumentality favourite being near disconnected the US way squad arsenic a effect of a arguable argumentation against cannabis, it remains to beryllium seen however engaged viewers volition beryllium successful this year's event.

    Whether you program connected tuning successful to cheer connected the participating athletes oregon tuning retired erstwhile the Tokyo Games aerial Friday done August 8, determination is inactive plentifulness to get into this weekend.

      Three things to watch

      'Sexy Beasts'

      A dating country   from "Sexy Beasts" is shown.

      Just erstwhile I thought I had seen it each successful presumption of dating shows, present comes Netflix raising (or lowering, depending connected your tastes) the bar.

      Contestants don animal-inspired masks, prosthetics and constitution successful this caller show.

      As our professional Brian Lowry noted, the thought isn't overmuch antithetic from different dating shows -- including Netflix's 2020 hit, "Love Is Blind" -- successful which carnal attraction is removed from the equation successful the hopes of uncovering existent love.

      But the archetypal happening I thought of is "The Masked Singer" (thanks, Lowry, for besides drafting that comparison), and I kept waiting for either idiosyncratic to sing oregon Nick Cannon to travel strolling out.

      "Sexy Beasts" is presently streaming.

      'Ted Lasso' Season 2

      Jason Sudeikis stars successful  "Ted Lasso."

      The drama astir a shot manager recruited to manager a shot squad (which the Brits see to beryllium real football, successful lawsuit you were unaware) has won the hearts of viewers and critics alike.

      Season 2 finds Lasso, played by Jason Sudeikis, who is besides 1 of the show's writers, trying to crook the squad into winners. And that's a triumph for each of america who emotion the show.

      The caller play of Ted Lasso starts Friday connected Apple TV+.

      'Tig Notaro: Drawn'

      Tig Notaro performs onstage astatine  Team Coco House during the New York Comedy Festival successful  New York City, November 9, 2018.

      Of course, Tig Notaro has an animated stand-up special.

      The comedian's jokes lone payment from being drawn. How chill would it beryllium if this peculiar inspires different comics to bash a twist connected accepted stand-up?

      "She's ne'er been this animated" is the tagline, which successful and of itself is comic if you are astatine each acquainted with Notaro's marque of humor.

      "Tig Notaro: Drawn" premieres Saturday connected HBO. (CNN and HBO are some portion of WarnerMedia.)

      Two things to perceive to

      Two-time US Olympian Sasha Cohen is shown during the Team USA WinterFest Presented by Hershey's successful  Seoul, South Korea, February 19, 2018.

      In keeping with our Olympics theme, let's crook to idiosyncratic who knows each astir it.

      Olympian and fig skating metallic medalist Sasha Cohen has a podcast, titled "Sasha Sessions: A Team USA Podcast," that volition gully you into a competitory caput space.

      Cohen chats with guests from the sports world, including respective chap erstwhile Olympians and a fewer athletes who volition vie successful this year's games.

      Spotify gets into the tone  of the games with the "Olympic Channel Podcast."

      Don't conscionable skate by Spotify.

      The streaming work offers the "Olympic Channel Podcast," which promises "Inspiration and information from the Olympics with interviews from the world's champion athletes."

      There is besides a regular podcast with interviews and immoderate of the astir absorbing quality coming retired of the games.

      One happening to speech about

      Exciting quality is coming retired of Broadway.

      That's a immense woody erstwhile it comes to the Great White Way, fixed that for years determination has been a telephone for much divers storytelling and performers.

      While productions similar "Hamilton" and its highly divers formed person grabbed headlines, last twelvemonth Forbes reported that "Less than 30 percent of each the Broadway performers connected signifier successful a caller play were members of number groups, and practice among Latino performers has reportedly fallen to little than 3 percent."

      The information is that divers stories marque for a richer acquisition for each theatergoers. Fingers crossed that this is simply a inclination that volition continue.

      Something to sip on

      A subordinate   of Team Mexico walks past   the Olympic rings astatine  the entranceway  to the Olympic Village successful  Tokyo.

      How astir we decorativeness wherever we started?

      The Olympics are a time-honored tradition. But similar galore things since the pandemic started, this twelvemonth feels weird.

      Whereas earlier we celebrated the marching successful of the representatives from countries astir the world, the Tokyo Olympics are happening nether a unreality of statement arsenic to whether the games should beryllium taking spot astatine all.

        Put maine down for 1 who voted -- not officially of people -- for postponing until the pandemic is good and genuinely successful our rearview mirror.

        Because arsenic overmuch arsenic immoderate of the athletes, who person trained for years, person been looking guardant to competing -- and sports fans privation to ticker their favourite events -- however tin we afloat clasp an lawsuit that is built connected bringing the full satellite unneurotic erstwhile determination is inactive specified disparity successful some Covid-19 infections and vaccinations?

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