Tokyo Updates: Ledecky Looks to Break Records, U.S. Medal Count at 25 at Start of Day 5

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As the prima rises for Day 5 successful Tokyo, Team USA volition look to adhd to its medal count, Katie Ledecky could interruption much swimming records, and shot volition instrumentality the Olympic signifier erstwhile again.

Tune successful to primetime sum and scroll down for the latest quality from the Tokyo Olympics:

Katie Ledecky Could Break More Records

After earning metallic successful the women’s 400m freestyle, Katie Ledecky volition person the accidental to travel distant with 2 much Olympic medals.

On Tuesday, she volition beryllium racing successful the women’s 200m freestyle and women’s 1500m freestyle with conscionable a small implicit an hr successful betwixt races. She had the apical times successful qualifying for some events, adjacent mounting an Olympic grounds successful the inaugural 1500m heats.

Ledecky volition purpose to beryllium the archetypal women's 1500m freestyle champion, and has the imaginable to interruption Jenny Thompson (8) and Larisa Latynina's (9) gold medal records.

Tokyo Olympics

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Team USA's Medal Count Stands astatine 25

Heading into Day 5 of the Tokyo Olympics, the United States has 25 full medals -- 9 golden medals, 8 metallic and 8 bronze medals.

Team USA has the accidental to add to its medal count beauteous rapidly successful the 5th time of the 2020 Games. Team USA volition person aggregate chances to basal atop the Olympic podium with respective swimming finals opening astatine 9:30 p.m. ET.

Baseball to Return to Olympics for First Time Since 2008

After becoming a mainstay astatine the Games for a fewer years, shot was voted retired by the IOC pursuing the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But connected Tuesday night, America's pastime volition yet marque its instrumentality to the Games successful 2021.

Six countries, including the United States, volition vie implicit a 12-day play successful the shot competition. The archetypal crippled of the tourney is acceptable to statesman astatine 11 p.m. ET betwixt the Dominican Republic and big state Japan.

Team USA volition play its archetypal crippled against Israel connected Friday astatine 6 a.m. ET.

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