Toxicology Report Shows No Drugs, Alcohol in Angela West's System: Dallas County DA

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The woman of Republican gubernatorial campaigner Allen West did not person drugs oregon intoxicant successful her strategy erstwhile she was arrested for suspicion of driving portion intoxicated past month, according to the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.

The territory attorney's bureau said it rejected the lawsuit for filing aft the toxicology study showed nary illicit substances successful her strategy erstwhile her humor was drawn.

The Dallas Police Department said it was alert of the toxicology study results, adding the "officer made her determination based connected the accusation disposable to her astatine that time."

West was arrested Aug. 20 nether suspicion of driving portion intoxicated with a kid successful the car aft a constabulary serviceman stopped her for a postulation usurpation successful northwest Dallas.

In a video posted to Twitter, Allen West said his woman had not had thing to portion and called for the arresting officer's termination, his wife's charges to beryllium dropped and a nationalist apology from Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and the District Attorney John Creuzot.

The pursuing Monday, Garcia defended the officer's decision, saying "we're not trying this DWI probe successful the media. Mrs. West is entitled to owed process, conscionable similar immoderate different nonmigratory successful this country."

In a video shown astatine the property conference, Angela West's conveyance tin beryllium seen drifting implicit the enactment separating the enarthrosis from the close lane of traffic. When the serviceman initiated the postulation stop, West's conveyance stopped successful the halfway lane of the three-lane road. Garcia said the serviceman who made the halt got retired of her conveyance and asked West to propulsion over.


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West proceeded to determination implicit 1 lane -- into the close lane -- but was inactive stopped connected Northwest Highway. After the serviceman spoke to West a 2nd time, she pulled onto a thoroughfare that was little busy.

The video past jumped up to footage of West taking a tract sobriety test.

She completed a artillery of tests, including pursuing a airy with her eyes, walking successful a consecutive line, and balancing connected 1 ft astatine a time.

The serviceman past asked West to instrumentality a breathalyzer test, which Garcia said was inconclusive due to the fact that West did not respire into it properly.

"When we're wrong, we're incorrect and we volition clasp ourselves accountable, but nary constabulary main tin beryllium idly by portion his officers get falsely vilified," Garcia said astatine the Aug. 23 property briefing. "False misrepresentations astir my officers cannot spell unchecked. They enactment excessively hard and they sacrifice excessively much."

On Wednesday, the Dallas Police Department reiterated Garcia addressed the media and released the assemblage and dashcam footage "not to beryllium guilt oregon innocence, but to amusement the enactment betwixt the serviceman and Mrs. West due to the fact that of the accusations regarding the encounter."

The section said it did not person immoderate further remark connected the toxicology report.

"We sincerely admit District Attorney John Creuzot's diligence successful this matter," West's lawyer George R. Milner II said successful a statement. "This is the close effect and we admit that honorable justness was swift."

Miler noted helium has "the utmost respect for" Garica, but said the Dallas constabulary serviceman "made a mistake."

Allen West, a erstwhile Congressman from Florida and erstwhile seat of the Texas Republican Party, is challenging Gov. Greg Abbott for the Republican information for Texas governor.

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