Tracking the Data: COVID-19 Cases Steadily Rising in North Texas School Districts

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After astir a period of classes for immoderate districts, COVID-19 cases are steadily connected the emergence successful galore North Texas schools.

Leaders successful immoderate of the largest section schoolhouse districts are keeping an oculus connected the totals.

The past period has been a roller coaster for everyone successful acquisition astatine each levels crossed the state, with the conflict implicit disguise mandates and the propulsion to get much radical vaccinated.

Some schoolhouse districts similar Princeton and Kemp person had to adjacent schools due to the fact that of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Princeton ISD -- which is simply a territory of astir 6,000 students – had 141 progressive cases with students and unit arsenic of Wednesday. The territory had to close an simple schoolhouse this week due to the fact that of an outbreak involving 50 students.

Parents are encouraged to support an oculus connected the totals successful their child’s schoolhouse district, arsenic galore are posting information connected progressive COVID-19 cases and the fig of those successful quarantine.

Many schoolhouse districts are reporting a fewer 100 full cases among unit and students since the schoolhouse twelvemonth started.

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Other larger districts person reported respective 100 to much than 1,000 full cases – including Dallas and Fort Worth, the 2 largest districts successful North Texas.

As of Wednesday,


In Dallas ISD, which has been staunch astir its disguise requirement, wide COVID-19 cases among unit and students full astir 1,200 arsenic of Wednesday.

About 789 are students alone, retired of astir 130,000 who are enrolled successful person. Click present to presumption the DISD dashboard.

“I deliberation the bully quality is erstwhile we are seeing cases of COVID-19 successful our schools, it’s a tiny fig successful examination to the fig of students we serve,” said Susana Cordova, lawman superintendent for Leading and Learning for DISD. “Unfortunately we are seeing much cases with students and I deliberation that reflects the concerns that folks person astir the vaccine."

She said the territory is not anyplace adjacent the constituent of closing schools, arsenic immoderate districts astir the authorities person done.

“We marque decisions based connected the fig of cases and the lone clip that we would adjacent the schoolhouse is if we don’t person capable adults to support our schools open,” Cordova said. “We are fortunate – we’re a ample territory and we person unit that tin measurement successful if teachers request to beryllium retired due to the fact that of COVID. But our extremity is to effort to person arsenic fewer interruptions arsenic imaginable for students.”

She added that the disguise and information protocols that are successful spot are helping to support the numbers successful cheque close now.

“We’re truly pleased that implicit 96% of our students person returned to school. That’s truly large with however captious it is for kids to beryllium backmost successful school,” said Susana Cordova, lawman superintendent for Leading and Learning for DISD. “And the immense majority, successful fact, 99.99% of our students person had nary occupation with our disguise protocol. We bash privation to guarantee everybody that we instrumentality it truly earnestly to marque definite their schools are harmless places.”

Click the links beneath to spot the COVID-19 dashboards for immoderate of the largest districts successful North Texas:

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