Tropical Storm Makes for Ideal Conditions for One Olympic Event

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Surfing is making its Olympic debut successful Tokyo this year. So, erstwhile a typhoon threatened the seashore aboriginal successful the week, surfers...well, rejoiced! ("Surf's up, dude!)

In each seriousness, though, the almighty upwind and waves from Typhoon Nepartak were to beryllium respected. Olympic officials deemed conditions were harmless capable to resume contention Tuesday aft a hold Monday due to the fact that of debased tide.

Low tide? That's due to the fact that the tempest was really pulling the h2o distant from the seashore arsenic it approached.

As it turned out, the typhoon did not extremity up having terrible impacts successful the municipality of Ichinomiya, wherever surfing contention was being held. In fact, Tokyo is not adjacent seeing large impacts from the storm, which is farther eastbound and person to Nepartak.

There has been immoderate disorder present successful the West arsenic to the spot of Nepartak. By U.S. standards, it would person maintained tropical tempest presumption connected the Saffir-Simpson scale.

However, successful the Western Pacific, storms are called typhoons and the standard utilized by the Japan Meteorological Agency differs by class from the U.S. scale. The tempest concisely reached typhoon presumption earlier coming backmost down to tropical tempest strength.

One happening is for sure. Nepartak's winds churned the Pacific Ocean and made for challenging, yet fantabulous waves for Tuesday's surfing competition.

The tempest is tracking up the northeast seashore of Japan and volition proceed northwestward into Wednesday, yet weakening and falling apart.

The first-ever golden successful Olympic surfing went to American Carissa Moore, a Hawaiian native.

Tropical Storm Impacts Tokyo Olympics

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