TV OT: 10 shows turning 20 in 2022 and other anniversaries that will make you feel old

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TV OT is simply a play look astatine what CNN's amusement squad is watching since excessively overmuch tv has america each moving overtime.

(CNN)...And conscionable similar that, it's clip for this week's TV OT. See what I did there?

What's my property again?

As we travel person to closing retired 2021, this funny feline decided to look up by looking back, researching what popular civilization milestones were upon america successful the caller year. The results made maine consciousness incredibly old. Apologies if it does the aforesaid to you. I invitation you to stock my agony.

    Kelly Clarkson connected  'American Idol' successful  2002.

    Turning 20 successful 2022:

      • "The Osbournes" (premiered March 5, 2002) - This is erstwhile it each went wrong, isn't it?
      • "The Shield" (premiered March 12, 2002) - Predicting present that this amusement volition beryllium "The Sopranos" of 2022 successful that tons of radical are going to rewatch oregon ticker it for the archetypal time. Hey, erstwhile you privation thing to happen, you enactment it retired into the universe.
      • "The Bachelor" (premiered March 25, 2002) - The host(s) mightiness beryllium different, but the shame you person for watching is the aforesaid you've carried for 2 decades.
      • "George Lopez" (premiered March 27, 2002) - Was this my favourite portion of practice for america Latinos? No. Was it each we had for a precise agelong time? Yes.
      • "The Wire" (premiered June 2, 2002) - Annual reminder that you're not edgy for having watched "The Wire." Just a idiosyncratic with bully taste.
      • "Kim Possible" (premiered June 7, 2002) - Look, this amusement meant a batch to immoderate radical truthful connected the database it volition appear, says I.
      • "American Idol" (premiered June 11, 2002) - Mad respect for the amusement that gave america nationalist treasure Kelly Clarkson.
      • "Dr. Phil" (premiered September 16, 2002) - How does this marque you feel?
      • "Firefly" (premiered September 20, 2002) - I consciousness similar this amusement is celebrated astatine slightest each 5 years since it turned five.
      • "Barefoot Contessa" (premiered November 20, 2002) - Look, we each person our queen, and my household volition beryllium serving over-sized cosmos to observe this day.

      Other anniversaries coming up successful 2022

      January 7 - The TV amusement "Fame" turns 40.

      February 1 - "Late Show with David Letterman" premiered 40 years agone connected this day.

      April 30 - Twenty-five years since Ellen DeGeneres came retired successful 1997 connected an occurrence of her sitcom titled "The Puppy Episode."

      May 21 - "The Real World" turns 30.

      August 15 - "The Larry Sanders Show" turns 30.

      July 8 - "Melrose Place" turns 30.

      August 15 — Thirty years ago, Nickelodeon debuted a programming artifact called SNICK (short for Saturday Night Nickelodeon), and galore people's childhoods were greatly improved.

      September 8 - NY1 volition observe 30 years connected the air.

      September 12 — Remember "California Dreams"? It turns 30, arsenic well.

      September 22 — "Family Ties" turns 40.

      September 26 - "Knight Rider" turns 40.

      September 30 - "Cheers" turns 40.

      November 18 - Controversial "Seinfeld" occurrence "The Contest" turns 30.

      November 14 & 21 - The adjacent much arguable two-part "Maude" termination episode, aired implicit 2 weeks successful 1972, turns 50. Look however acold we've...oh.

      A magical competition

      CNN's Kendall Trammell gives a shout-out to immoderate programming that's enactment a spell connected her:

      "So you deliberation you're a die-hard 'Harry Potter' fan? Let's spot if you retrieve the 3rd sanction successful Professor Dumbledore's alias. "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of House," the quiz amusement hosted by Helen Mirren, puts everyone's wizardry cognition to the test. The bracket-styled crippled takes spot implicit 4 episodes. The last 2 aerial astatine 8 p.m. ET this Sunday and Dec. 19 connected Cartoon Network and TBS."

      Reliving the original

      "West Side Story"

      For those successful a "West Side Story" kinda mood: Turner Classic Movies is airing the archetypal movie Friday nighttime astatine 8 p.m. ET.

      CNN's Brian Lowry gave coagulated scores to the remake, penning earlier this week: "The caller 'West Side Story; doesn't wholly reply the astir evident question, which is wherefore fundamentally remake a 60-year-old classic. Director Steven Spielberg nevertheless justifies the effort arsenic a dazzling showcase for this generation's talent, successful a movie whose ties to lyricist Stephen Sondheim, who died past month, adds to its affectional resonance."

      Brands that merit an apology from TV shows

      Milo Ventimiglia arsenic  Jack successful  'This Is Us.'

      The connection from Peloton regarding the [big, honking '...And Just Like That' spoiler alert here] death of Mr. Big that the institution gave to the Los Angeles Times was the champion happening I've work each week.

      In the statement, Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, a preventative cardiologist and subordinate of Peloton's wellness and wellness advisory assembly blamed Big's post-Peloton thrust demise connected "an extravagant lifestyle," noting that Big lived a beingness that included "cocktails, cigars, and large steaks."

      "Riding his Peloton Bike whitethorn person adjacent helped hold his cardiac event," the connection said.

      Hear that, Carrie, you should be thanking them.

        Peloton seems to person a coagulated defence lined up, but successful my head, I'm going to catalog them among the brands that person been done a small soiled by TV.

        Other examples: "This Is Us's" slayer Crockpot that caused the occurrence that yet killed Jack. Blimpie's, which was shaded successful the "30 Rock" play finale. Bazooka Joe gum, which was erstwhile described connected "30 Rock" arsenic being similar "chewing a upland that idiosyncratic changeable a Freeze-Ray into." Arby's, which took respective slams during the tally of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Mountain Dew, which, to beryllium fair, astir apt has been slammed worst than it was connected "The Simpsons," but the enactment remains iconic and bully judgment. When successful doubt, "take the crab juice."

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