Ubisoft Announces New Ghost Recon Breakpoint Campaign Called Operation Motherland, Coming Next Month

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Ubisoft announced Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline earlier this month, a monolithic PvP shooter, starring galore to judge that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint had reached its end, but it seems there’s inactive immoderate ammo near successful Breakpoint’s magazine. 

That ammo is called Operation Motherland, and it’s fundamentally a marque caller run for Breakpoint coming retired November 2. Set a fewer months aft the extremity of the archetypal story, Nomad is nary longer connected Auroa but present the land has go a strategical people for aggregate countries funny successful making it their own. 

“The CIA aims to easiness planetary tensions by giving the powerfulness connected the land to a neutral unit – Ito and the Outcasts – turning Auroa into an autonomous country,” Ubisoft’s blog post astir the caller run reads. “This operation, led by Karen Bowman, is called Motherland.”

At the bosom of Motherland is the caller Conquest mode. Described arsenic an alternative to Breakpoint’s communicative mode, Conquest has an accent connected subordinate actions and the consequent consequences connected Auroa. There volition beryllium a assortment of missions to take from that see objectives similar destroying things, securing force camps, stealing vehicles, taking retired one of the 4 Bodark lieutenants, and more. The further players advancement done Motherland, the much escaped Auroa volition beryllium of the Bodarks.  

Speaking of the Bodarks, Ubisoft says, “they are ruthless infiltrators and manipulators, allied to Sentinel and Wolves,” and that 5 force archetypes volition beryllium contiguous successful some force encampments and the wilds of Auroa. 

  • Tactician enemies volition telephone for backup unless eliminated quickly 
  • The armored Oppressors volition unreserved players down
  • Dreadnoughts volition usage rocket launchers
  • Seekers volition usage rifles and optical camouflage
  • Troopers volition service arsenic the bulk of the Bodark forces

“Each benignant of Bodark force volition person instrumentality that changes based connected the highland, urban, and chaotic biomes,” the blog station reads. “Players volition announcement caller Russian weapons and conveyance skins connected the Bodark faction. Players volition besides beryllium capable to get kitted retired with caller items successful Maria’s Shop, including a Mixed Materials Ghillie Outfit, truthful their ain options volition summation on with the Bodarks’.” 

To coincide with Motherland, Auroa volition acquisition immoderate atmospheric changes. More specifically, it volition beryllium divided into 5 antithetic zones, with an wide autumn and wintertime feel. Cloudiness, rain, fog conditions, and sunniness volition beryllium much varied astir the island, too, according to Ubisoft. New insects, fumes, grasses, and vertebrate formation patterns person been added arsenic well. 

With the instrumentality of Conquest comes the instrumentality of Faction Warfare, which volition spot Outcast beingness bespeak the actions of players. 

“As players conquer Auroa, the Outcast beingness volition summation successful the chaotic and successful encampments, making faction warfare much frequent,” the blog station says. “You’ll announcement roadworthy checkpoints, convoys, hostage situations, and patrols capable the land based connected faction presence. These events volition alteration successful difficultly according to their respective regions – beryllium definite to cheque your TacMap to find much details connected each region’s challenges.”

Motherland volition bring Optical Camo into the crippled alongside its caller progression system. The Optical Camo functions with a gauge strategy that starts astatine 100 and decreases implicit clip (and based connected actions made by the player). This camo allows you to beryllium invisible to enemies and it tin beryllium upgraded to past longer and stay businesslike implicit further differences. 

The maximum XP level has been accrued to 99 to relationship for the other contented being added to Breakpoint. Skill points tin present beryllium utilized to summation limb mastery and absorption connected a preferred playstyle, too. 

Motherland launched connected November 2. 

While waiting for Motherland to release, cheque retired our thoughts connected the basal crippled successful Game Informer’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint review and past work astir this Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary x Breakpoint crossover. Check retired this communicative astir however A.I. teammates were added to Breakpoint past twelvemonth aft that.

Will you beryllium jumping into Operation Motherland? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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