UK Lawyer Accused of Injecting Blood Into Supermarket Foods

3 weeks ago 6
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British constabulary person charged a 37-year-old antheral aft products were injected with syringes successful a fewer London supermarkets.

The Metropolitan Police unit said Leoaai Elghareeb would look successful tribunal Friday connected a complaint of contaminating oregon interfering with goods.

Elghareeb was arrested aft a antheral entered 3 supermarkets successful westbound London’s Hammersmith country connected Wednesday and “injected an chartless substance into a fig of nutrient and non-food products,” constabulary said.

The unit advised customers who had bought products astatine the stores connected Wednesday evening to propulsion them away.

Police said the motive was truthful acold chartless but “there is nary grounds the antheral was moving arsenic portion of a group.”

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