Update: Mansfield 10-Year-Old Collects 500K Books for Kids

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Something bully has happened to assistance instill the emotion of speechmaking successful children crossed America.

Orion Jean, a sixth-grader who lives successful Mansfield, has officially reached his extremity of collecting 500,000 books for kids successful need. And helium did it successful 3 months!

It’s each portion of his Race to Kindness run wherever helium has collected hundreds of toys for kids astatine North Texas hospitals, collected 100,000 meals for radical successful need during the pandemic and truthful overmuch more.

When NBC 5 talked to Jean backmost successful June, helium told america this is each astir helping the future.

“We are the adjacent procreation and we person to cognize however to lead,” Jean said. “There are a batch of atrocious things happening successful the satellite and determination are a batch of problems. It’s benignant of hard for maine to look astir and spot each of this worldly happening and not wanting to beryllium capable to bash thing astir it.”

To scope his goal, helium hosted respective publication drops and received large donations from truthful many. The latest donation, and the largest, was acknowledgment to ThriftBooks.

In a connection astir the donation, the online publication retailer wrote:


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

"ThriftBooks, the world’s largest autarkic online seller of utilized books, is arrogant to lend implicit 300,000 books to enactment Orion Jean’s Race to Kindness Book Drive. Orion’s ngo to cod and administer 500,000 books to animate kids to go lifelong readers is 100% aligned with the ThriftBooks ngo to bash the aforesaid by getting books into the hands and homes of children everywhere."

The books volition beryllium distributed crossed the state to kids and schools wherever caller books aren’t ever casual to travel by.

“Studies amusement that kids who person books successful their location bash amended than kids without books. So, I cognize that books person changed my beingness and changed the lives of truthful galore different kids astir the world,” Jean said.

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