USPS Has Shorted Some Workers' Pay for Years, CPI Finds

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Nancy Campos’ backmost ached arsenic she loaded much than 100 Amazon packages onto her truck. The 59-year-old grandmother, a message bearer for the U.S. Postal Service, had worked 13 days successful a enactment without a luncheon break, and present she was delivering connected the Martin Luther King Jr. vacation to support up with a never-ending travel of boxes.

At the extremity of her displacement that January day, Campos filled retired her clip sheet. Then she took a representation of it — for proof.

“I knew what was going to happen,” said Campos, who delivers message successful Midland, Texas, “because it happens each wage period.”

Two weeks later, erstwhile she checked her paystub successful the payroll system, she said she was missing six hours of overtime pay. That added up to astir $201 successful mislaid wages — a week’s worthy of groceries.

Postal workers crossed the state stock her frustration.

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