Val Demings Is Statistically Tied In Florida Senate Race As Marco Rubio Could Be Toast

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Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) is statistically tied with Sen. Marco Rubio successful the 2022 Florida Senate race.

Red Flags Abound For Marco Rubio In New Poll

The caller St. Pete Polls survey shows Sen. Rubio starring 48%-46% implicit Demings which is wrong the poll’s 2.2% borderline of error. Rubio, the incumbent, is besides beneath 50% enactment successful the state.

Rubio’s atrocious numbers aren’t a one-off for Republicans successful Florida. Gov. Ron DeSantis has seen his enactment illness and helium has a likewise constrictive pb implicit erstwhile Gov. Charlie Crist. 

Sen. Rubio is facing an experienced and well-funded challenger who is simply a erstwhile instrumentality enforcement serviceman with a precocious illustration wrong the Democratic Party.

Rep. Demings has the imaginable to beryllium a existent occupation for Rubio., who has chopped into his enactment successful Florida with each of his failed statesmanlike campaigns.  Rubio has agelong shown signs of being a anemic incumbent, but a reckoning could beryllium coming for Florida Republicans arsenic voters are intelligibly aggravated astatine being turned into America’s COVID capital.

Polls similar the 1 successful Florida are precise aboriginal signs that Democrats person the imaginable to bash amended than the accepted contented expects successful the 2022 election.

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