Video Shows Colorado Officer Using Stun Gun on Unarmed 75-Year-Old Man

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Michael Clark had enactment distant what authorities called a “club-like object” wrong seconds of 2 Colorado constabulary officers confronting him astatine his flat connected the nighttime of May 30, according to bodycam video released Friday to NBC News.

The 75-year-old Clark, per the video provided by his lawyer Sarah Schielke, was shirtless and clad lone successful boxers. He was besides unarmed, constabulary said. Seconds later, erstwhile Idaho Springs Police Officer Nicholas Hanning shoots Clark with a stun gun, causing him to autumn backward and deed his head. Hanning and his partner, Ellie Summers, past resistance an unconscious Clark by his legs and arms extracurricular of his flat portion they handcuff him.

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Schielke released partially blurred bodycam footage this week due to the fact that she said the territory lawyer has not done so. A justice released bodycam footage to Clark, she said Thursday.

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