Video Shows Police Use Stun Gun, Place Knee on Neck of Pelicans' Jaxson Hayes During Arrest

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A Los Angeles constabulary serviceman concisely pressed a genu to the cervix of NBA subordinate Jaxson Hayes arsenic the New Orleans Pelicans halfway gasped “I can’t breathe” seconds earlier different serviceman utilized a Taser connected him during a struggle, according to assemblage camera video released Friday.

The officers went to Hayes’ location successful the Woodland Hills vicinity connected July 28 astir 3 a.m. aft his girlfriend’s relative called 911. The relative said Hayes’ woman was sending her substance messages saying helium had go large and convulsive and she was scared.

Hayes, who was not armed, became argumentative aft officers said helium couldn't spell backmost into his home. He ignored requests from his woman and his relative to halt talking and struggling with the constabulary arsenic they tried to subdue him. The 21-year-old yet was booked into jailhouse connected accusations of resisting apprehension aft helium was evaluated astatine a infirmary for insignificant injuries.

“Jaxson Hayes is simply a bully young man, and helium is backmost location successful Ohio moving retired and getting acceptable for the upcoming season,” his attorney, Mark Baute, said successful a connection Friday.

The LAPD’s Force Investigation Division is looking into the lawsuit “due to the anticipation of unit being applied to Hayes’ cervix during the usage of force,” constabulary antecedently said successful a statement. Los Angeles constabulary person presented the lawsuit to prosecutors, who haven’t decided whether to record charges.

A constabulary officer’s elbow was injured erstwhile Hayes shoved him into a wall. Authorities antecedently said Hayes’ woman has declined to cooperate successful the investigation.

Hayes, 6-foot-11 and 220 pounds (over 2 meters and astir 100 kilograms), was drafted eighth wide retired of Texas successful 2019. He is the lad of erstwhile NFL choky extremity Jonathan Hayes, who played for Kansas City and Pittsburgh. The younger Hayes played 1 play for the Longhorns earlier turning pro. In his archetypal 2 NBA seasons, helium averaged 7.4 points, 4.2 rebounds and 16.5 minutes.

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Since George Floyd’s decease successful 2020 determination is heightened sensitivity not conscionable erstwhile it comes to constabulary unit against Black people, but to constabulary utilizing immoderate benignant of unit that restricts a person’s breathing. While Hayes’ brushwood with constabulary bears immoderate similarities to Floyd’s execution by erstwhile Minneapolis constabulary serviceman Derek Chauvin, the differences are notable.

Hayes was connected his backmost erstwhile a Los Angeles constabulary officer’s genu was pressed to his cervix for a fewer seconds. Floyd was pinned face-down nether Chauvin’s genu for up to 9 1/2 minutes.

As Hayes gasped “I can’t breathe” respective times, different serviceman tells his spouse “get your genu up.” That serviceman instantly complies and Hayes is capable to assistance his head.

In Floyd’s case, 3 different officers were charged with aiding and abetting Chauvin with execution and manslaughter due to the fact that they did not intervene.

The astir 15-minute, edited video of Hayes’ apprehension includes the 911 telephone and footage from aggregate officers’ assemblage cameras. The incidental astatine Hayes’ location began calmly with him answering questions successful his driveway with his relative lasting nearby.

“What’s going connected betwixt you and your girl?” 1 serviceman asks.

“We were conscionable having a small argument,” Hayes responds. “She was throwing immoderate worldly astatine me.”

The officers accidental they request to talk to his girlfriend. They archer him and his relative to hold outside. Hayes questions wherefore helium can’t spell into his location and asks if they person a warrant to spell inside.

The officers respond that they don’t request one, which whitethorn oregon whitethorn not beryllium existent nether California law. Among the mitigating factors are whether the officers judge a unfortunate is earnestly hurt.

Two officers blocked Hayes arsenic helium approaches the beforehand door, portion his relative tells him to calm down. One serviceman pushes Hayes and his relative holds him back.

The constabulary abstracted the men and drawback Hayes’ arms. The concern past rapidly escalates.

Hayes’ relative begins yelling “Jaxson, stop!” arsenic helium scuffles with the officers, shoving 1 into a partition adjacent the beforehand door. One serviceman pulls retired a Taser arsenic others tackle Hayes.

“Stop resisting oregon I’m gonna tase you!” helium yells respective times arsenic Hayes struggles connected the ground. The serviceman alternates pressing a manus and genu to Hayes’ neck. Hayes’ woman comes retired of the location and screams “Stop! Stop! What are you doing?”

“Stop resisting oregon I’m gonna tase you!” the serviceman yells arsenic Hayes gasps “I can’t breathe.”

As 2 officers clasp Hayes’ arms, the serviceman fires the Taser, pressing it adjacent to his thorax for respective seconds amid cries for them to halt from his woman and cousin.

Hayes screams and flips over. The serviceman fires the Taser a 2nd time, pressing it adjacent to Hayes’ buttocks and the backmost of his legs, yelling “stop resisting!”

“I’m stopping, bro!” Hayes shouts.

The serviceman threatens to usage the Taser connected him again arsenic Hayes insists that he’s not resisting.

The officers are yet capable to handcuff him and unit him to beryllium successful a chair. Blood is disposable connected his limb and shirt.

LAPD officers are trained to purpose a stun weapon astatine a person’s backmost and navel if the Taser’s probes are being utilized from a region of 7 to 15 feet (over 2 meters to astir 5 meters), according to the agency’s policy. The Taser should beryllium deployed connected the person’s forearm oregon the extracurricular of their thigh oregon calf if the serviceman is utilizing the device’s nonstop stun feature.

Targeting a person’s thorax with a Taser is arguable and the device’s shaper has antecedently said to debar that area.

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