Vigil Held for Dallas Firefighter Battling COVID-19

2 weeks ago 7
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There was a ample amusement of enactment Wednesday nighttime for a Dallas firefighter who's battling COVID-19 astatine Parkland Hospital.

David Leos has been with Dallas Fire-Rescue for implicit 40 years.

He's presently successful the ICU warring for his life.

Fellow firefighters organized the vigil for him.

"I'd accidental compassion and spot are 2 defining qualities of this man. He's a firefighter. He's a unsmooth and tumble, but erstwhile you conscionable Dave, and you look into his eyes, you tin conscionable archer he's a compassionate quality being," said Christian Hinojosa, Board Member of the Hispanic Firefighters Association.

Fellow firefighters besides picture Leos arsenic a fighter, who battled Leukemia and overcame it.

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