Vincent Hancock Wants His Legacy to Be More Than His 3 Olympic Golds

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Vincent Hancock made past Monday, becoming the archetypal skeet shooter to triumph 3 golds. But the 32-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas, says helium doesn't privation his Olympic wins to beryllium his lone legacy.

“I privation determination to beryllium truthful overmuch much to maine than that,” Hancock said. “[I privation to be] known for my girls, knowing that I was determination 100% of the time. And teaching this adjacent procreation coming up connected however to sprout and however to privation to win successful everything they acceptable retired to do.”

And who amended than the look of men’s skeet shooting successful the U.S. to assistance mold the adjacent procreation of shooters?

Tokyo Olympics

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"I emotion kids, I emotion the passionateness that they bring and I emotion my sport, and combing the two, I couldn't inquire for thing better," Hancock said.

Hancock is 1 of the world’s champion skeet shooter, winning 4 satellite championships and six World Cup events. He besides was the archetypal American skeet shooter to implicit a cleanable World Cup event, hitting each people astatine a 2015 contention successful Mexico.

Hancock acceptable his ain Olympic grounds astatine the Tokyo Games, hitting 59 of 60 shots to adhd different golden medal to the ones helium won successful Beijing successful 2008 and London successful 2012. It was redemption aft finishing a disappointing 15th astatine the Rio Games.

“So far, not going to lie. This is the coolest medal I person ever gotten. It means truthful overmuch to me," Hancock said. “Knowing everything that I person had to spell done successful the past twelvemonth and a fractional successful anticipation of getting to Tokyo. This was vastly antithetic than the erstwhile 2 and it's thing I americium going to cherish for a agelong time."

Still, Hancock is already reasoning astir the 2024 Paris Olympics. He said helium plans connected defending his existent rubric astatine those Games, and past "we volition fig it retired from there."

"While it's my extremity to triumph arsenic galore of these things arsenic I imaginable can, I don't deliberation that's what radical are going to retrieve maine for," helium added.

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