Watch Lindsey Graham Get His Lie Called Out On National TV

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Chris Wallace went retired with a bang arsenic helium called retired Sen. Lindsey Graham for lying astir the Trump taxation cuts.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: But, sir, respectfully, what she has — what Jen Psaki is saying, and a batch of Democrats are saying is, that erstwhile President Trump and you — you collectively —

GRAHAM: What’s that got to bash with anything?

WALLACE: Let — fto maine conscionable decorativeness passed the 2017 Trump taxation chopped —


WALLACE: That was a lie. It wasn’t paid for.

Lindsey Graham surely didn’t similar having it pointed retired that helium voted for a $2 trillion taxation chopped for the affluent and corporations that weren’t paid for, but abruptly erstwhile regular radical are astir to person immoderate of their biggest concerns addressed, Sen. Graham abruptly rediscovers his interest astir unpaid-for spending.

Sunday was Wallace’s past amusement astatine Fox, and the web has nary 1 connected their unit that tin regenerate him. Chris Wallace went retired with a bang astatine Fox News, arsenic helium pointed retired the large hypocrisy that is lurking beneath Lindsey Graham’s fake Build Back Better CBO score.

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