‘We're Going to Keep His Story Alive': Mural Honors Elderly Asian Man Killed in California Attack

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A caller mural was unveiled Sunday successful San Francisco’s Chinatown vicinity honoring an 84-year-old Thai man, who was violently shoved and aboriginal died earlier this year.

It was caught connected portion and grabbed nationalist attention, galvanizing the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.

The mural is to grant Vicha Ratanapakdee, who was violently shoved to the crushed backmost successful January successful his Alta Vista vicinity portion connected a walk. Ratanapakdee died of his injuries.

On Sunday, his household was successful San Francisco to unveil the mural, on with San Francisco Mayor London Breed, 2 supervisors and assemblage leaders.

Some successful the assemblage said though they didn’t cognize him, it was important to beryllium present due to the fact that the AAPI assemblage has faced excessively overmuch unit and that this onslaught was their breaking point.

“My oldest lad and I were talking astir what we could do? I was similar ‘we should marque a enactment him connected the billboard’ and it was inspired by the archetypal art,” said Eric Lawson.

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Forrest Liu organized the lawsuit Sunday and spoke astir wherefore it was important to person Ratanapakde’s mural.

“You know, grandpa Vicha and his look has go a awesome for the National Stop Asian Hate question and we’re going to support his communicative alive,” helium said.

Police arrested a 19-year-old antheral successful the case.

People who attended Sunday’s lawsuit are calling for justice.

They are besides hoping the mural gets attraction successful this salient determination astatine Grant and California, with cablegram cars going by and radical walking the neighborhood. There volition beryllium plentifulness of eyes connected it.

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