‘We're Losing Our Babies'; Mother Pleads for Peace After 2 Fatal Shootings Involving Teens

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Arlington constabulary detectives are investigating the city's 16th execution of the year, 2 of which happened successful abstracted incidents since Friday.

Both incidents progressive underaged alleged shooters who are successful custody, according to police.

“We’ve had these young kids that are getting their hands connected guns and they’re committing convulsive offenses present successful Arlington,” Arlington Police Chief Al Jones said. “Unfortunately, we’re seeing it each excessively often, not conscionable present successful Arlington.”


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The latest execution happened connected Sunday day astatine an East Arlington park connected Greenway Street.

Two young men were engaged successful an statement connected societal media and decided to conscionable astatine the parkland to fight, Jones said.

When a 21-year-old showed up, constabulary said a 17-year-old fishy opened occurrence and killed him.

“The fishy was 17 and the unfortunate was 21,” Jones said. “So again, we person idiosyncratic who is simply a juvenile who is committing convulsive offenses here.”

Police rushed to different senseless country of gun unit successful wide daylight connected Friday.

Two teen brothers, 17-year-old Kaleb Williams and 13-year-old Joshua Williams, were gunned down during a combat adjacent a Southeast Arlington flat complex.

Police said the statement began astatine a adjacent barbershop and spilled implicit into the apartments.

A 3rd juvenile who was changeable and injured is facing 2 counts of superior murder.

Three guns were recovered by police, Jones said.

It was a country Glynda Williams had to spot for herself connected Friday.

“I didn’t lawsuit comb my hair. I conscionable came extracurricular due to the fact that I was successful disbelief that it was happening again,” she said.

Williams is inactive grieving her ain loss. She said her 18-year-old lad was gunned down precocious past twelvemonth successful an alley adjacent by different teen.

“We’re losing our babies,” she cried out. “It’s heartbreaking! I’m successful disbelief. I truly am.”

There person been 16 murders successful Arlington truthful acold this year, according to the department. It is apt the metropolis volition surpass 17 murders, the full fig of homicides successful 2019.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw an summation successful murders with 23 reported successful the metropolis past year.

Ending weapon violence, Jones stresses, indispensable impact everyone, including parents and teenagers learning "how to mitigate incidents without utilizing violence."

Jones praised his detectives for solving some cases wrong 24 hours and the department’s concern with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to hint each weapon recovered by police.

“We privation to cognize wherever these guns are coming from and we privation to clasp those radical who are putting guns into the hands of these kids -- we privation to clasp those radical responsible,” helium said.

Williams emphasized the request for much assemblage programs providing harmless activities for teens.

“We request Arlington constabulary to measurement up and recognize there’s guns successful our community, we request them out,” she said. “We request the parents, if you spot these guns successful your house, get them out!”

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