What to Know About the ‘Milk Crate Challenge' and Why Doctors Say Just Don't Do It

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Doctors are urging you to beryllium retired connected the latest viral situation appearing connected societal media portion sites similar TikTok are taking down videos of the unsafe "challenge."

The 'Milk Crate Challenge' calls for stacking beverage crates successful the signifier of a pyramid and successfully walking up 1 broadside and down the other. The occupation is erstwhile radical can't marque it crossed they extremity up connected the crushed -- sometimes wounded badly.

LaKhristy King precocious recorded a video connected her telephone of a pistillate doing the situation extracurricular a Dallas state station. The pistillate fell and deed the crushed hard.

King's disturbing video showed the pistillate laying connected the crushed with a excavation of humor astir her head.

King said she didn't cognize the pistillate but stayed with her until paramedics arrived.

"After similar a infinitesimal oregon truthful she started talking. She tried to get up. We told her to enactment inactive until the ambulance got there," said King.

Citing wellness privateness laws, Dallas constabulary and the occurrence departments could not archer america much astir the grade of the woman's injuries.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said the pistillate did survive.

Pediatrician Marcial Oquendo said galore of these viral challenges extremity with a travel to the infirmary — hospitals that are already overwhelmed owed to COVID-19 and RSV cases.

"At this point, the hospitals are not the spot we privation radical to go, particularly for thing we tin decidedly debar and prevent," said Oquendo, with Children's Health successful Dallas. "We don't person a batch of infirmary beds disposable for kids and adults for things that we tin forestall similar this. We privation to support beds disposable for the pandemic that we're trying to woody with."

He's besides asking parents to beryllium alert of the 'Milk Crate Challenge' and explicate to their kids wherefore they shouldn't effort it.

It's unclear however galore insignificant oregon superior injuries person been sustained from the situation but astir videos extremity with radical falling hard.

The "Milk Crate Challenge" is the latest successful a genre known arsenic 'fail videos,' but could beryllium 1 of the astir dangerous. Doctors told NBC injuries from the hard autumn could see breached bones, torn ligaments, concussions, and adjacent superior encephalon bleeds oregon spinal cord injuries that could pb to lifelong damage.

Concerns from doctors and information experts person led some societal media platforms, similar TikTok, to region the videos successful an effort to halt others from trying it and ending up earnestly injured.

"TikTok prohibits contented that promotes oregon glorifies unsafe acts, and we region videos and redirect searches to our Community Guidelines to discourage specified content. We promote everyone to workout caution successful their behaviour whether online oregon off," a TikTok spokesperson said successful an email to NBC News.

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