‘You're Our Hero': Fort Worth Med Student Gives Gift of Life to Virginia Boy

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A aesculapian pupil from Fort Worth donated bony marrow to prevention the beingness of a young lad successful Virginia and the 2 met precocious successful idiosyncratic for the archetypal time.

Seven-year-old Cooper Muncy got sick aboriginal past twelvemonth and was diagnosed with an assertive signifier of leukemia.

"We had nary clip to deliberation astir it. We responded,” his parent Jen Muncy said. “You conscionable spell into a ace parenting mode."


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Cooper started chemotherapy close away.

"I needed to get a batch of IV's successful me,” helium said.

His aboriginal didn't look good.

Muncy Family

He desperately needed a bony marrow transplant to regenerate his ain atrocious blood.

In Texas years earlier, a freshman astatine Stephen F. Austin University had signed up connected a bony marrow registry to donate hers.

Ann Hollas is present a second-year aesculapian pupil astatine Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine successful Fort Worth.

"I mean for maine it was a no-brainer,” Hollas said. “I mean you person the accidental to assistance idiosyncratic successful that way."

She yet got a call.

She was a match.

"We got our 1 successful a cardinal accidental erstwhile we got Ann arsenic our donor,” Jen Muncy said. “She was a 10 retired of 10 match."

In May 2020, Hollas agreed to donate -- without knowing a happening astir Cooper.

"You can't cognize thing astir them,” Hollas said. “They didn't cognize overmuch astir me."

Hollas ne'er knew Cooper would walk galore weeks successful the infirmary with setbacks.

Muncy Family

"He had to combat truly hard during that time,” his parent said.

Hollas wondered who the recipient was and however helium was doing.

"This full past twelvemonth helium has been successful my prayers adjacent though I didn't cognize him,” she said.

Outside the hospital, friends and household prayed too.

Muncy Family

Cooper bounced backmost and was yet good capable to spell backmost home.

After a year, the transplant squad allows donors and recipients to interaction each different if some agree.

Muncy Family

They some did.

"I instantly sent her a substance letting her cognize who we were and we'd emotion to conscionable you. Would you similar to Facetime?" Jen Muncy said.

They hooked up online wrong hours.

"It was emotional,” Hollas said. “There were a fewer tears connected some ends.”

But that was virtual.

They knew they had to conscionable successful person.

So a fewer weeks ago, Hollas flew to Virginia.

Cooper and his household went to the airdrome to prime her up.

"When she got to the apical of the escalator, I conscionable mislaid it. It's similar what bash you accidental to the idiosyncratic who saved your son's life?" Jen Muncy said.

Cooper was lasting determination with a motion that read, "Ann Hollas saved my beingness with her bony marrow."

Muncy Family

But helium couldn't hold arsenic his life-saver got disconnected the escalator.

"Cooper conscionable ran implicit and gave maine the biggest hug and my bosom conscionable melted,” Hollas said.

His connection was clear.

"She means a batch to maine for redeeming my beingness and helping me,” Cooper said.

The hug was long.

The words were fewer but heartfelt.

"We conscionable said, ‘You're our hero,’” Jen Muncy said. “’You're our leader and you're unthinkable and convey you truthful much.’"

"I spent a batch of days successful the infirmary but present I americium backmost home," Cooper said.

He is backmost home, cancer-free, and everlastingly grateful for the generous donor who is simply a alien nary more.

"She's a portion of our household now,” Jen Muncy said.

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